Man’s Search for Meaning (MS,) V. Frankl, Simon & Schuster, 1984

Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy (VFL,) Ann Graber, Wyndam Hall Press, 2004

The Will to Meaning (WM,) V. Frankl, New American Library, 1969

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Guideposts to Meaning, Discovering what really matters, Joseph Fabry, New Harbinger Publications, 1988

Une Démarche thérapeutique: la Logothérapie, Leo Abrami, Tequi, Paris, 2007

La Recherche du Sens en Analyse Existentielle et  Logothérapie, L’Harmattan, Paris, 2015.

Has also contributed to the Proceedings of the Viktor Frankl Institute, Vienna (2016) and published a number of articles in the International Forum for Logotherapy, the Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health and other publications.

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